The lion is critically endangered

Only 20,000 remain

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Lions are fearless apex predators emblematic of strength and power.

Renowned for majesty and king of the savannah, the lion is chief predator in it’s ecosystem. The lion’s iconic existence plays a key role in the food chain accounting for 85% of the predation of herbivores. Lions maintain healthy herds and control population by spotlighting on the weakest herd animals. Loss of these magically romantic beasts would cause a tragic cascade of ecological impact.

Human-lion conflict

Conflict between lions and people arises when lions attack and kill livestock, which often triggers farmers to retaliate by killing lions. Retaliatory killing in its worst form is conducted using poison which can kill entire prides.

Loss of habitat

Human development is gradually creating ever smaller and more isolated pockets of wilderness in which lions and their prey exist, making it challenging or impossible for lions to roam or disperse safely and restricting gene flow which leaves populations vulnerable to disease and other threats.

Lions are slaughtered for sport

African lion (Panthera leo) is formally protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

5,600 Trophy kills every year

Extinct from 26 countries

The adult male lion is the most enshrined trophy kill fetching a price tag up to $50,000.

Trophy-seekers pay an exorbitant amount of money for bragging rights and a head to hang on the wall. After the lion is slain, the hunter is photographed with the animal cleaned up, blood scrubbed away and wounds thoughtfully hidden from view. The lion will often appear alive as if the hunter tamed this wild beast into submission.

Gone by 75% in the past 20 years.

Why Are They Hunted ?

Lions are hunted to augment the egos of wealthy hunters to display as an exotic trophy. Safari Club International (SCI) members kill lions to win ‘Grand Slam’ and ‘Inner Circle’ titles. Members often take short cuts to beat competitors by killing captive lions in canned hunts. Unethical behavior, corruption and greed is rampant in this bloodthirsty competition.

Does Hunting Help Conservation ?

Trophy hunting is rapidly pushing lions to the brink of extinction. Mismanagement of trophy hunting has led to unsustainable lion hunting. Lions are in steep decline in areas where trophy hunting is permitted. When a prides’ resident male is killed, destabilization of the pride leads to higher lion deaths. A new king will seek establishment of the pride and almost always kill the prides’ cubs so they can sire their own offspring. Populations collapse under the weight of conflict and whole prides have been eradicated. Only about 1 in 8 male lions survive to adulthood.

Leading Importers Of Lion Trophies

United States of America

Species Threats

Trophy Hunting, Human-Lion Conflict, Habitat Loss


1940’s 450’000 – 2010’s 20’000

Species Decline   Rhino  / Lion  / Elephant  / Tiger  / Cheetah  / Giraffe  / Leopard  / Grevy’s Zebra  / Gorilla

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