The cheetah is endangered

Only 7,100 remain

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A marvel of evolution. Cheetah's are the fastest land animal with accelerations of 70mph that leave automobiles in the dust.

As a popular wildlife keystone predator, the cheetah is incredibly important to its habitat and savanna ecosystem. Grazers such as zebras and wildebeest will become overpopulated which leads to overgrazing of the grasslands. Overgrazing can lead to erosion that can allow shrub growth to take over once lush grasslands. Without grass cover, other important species of the savanna ecosystem can become threatened or extinct.

Cheetah's are slaughtered for their pelt

50-75% of cubs die

76% habitat loss

Cheetah’s are prized for their pelts and claws.

Illegal cheetah trade for luxury pets is pushing the species to extinction. The fetching price for a cheetah trophy kill is $5,000.

Gone down by 30% in the past 18 years


Cheetah’s are hunted and poached for the fur and claws. Cheetahs have been hunted as products to be used in making fur coats. Some animals, even those that existed in tremendous numbers, have been threatened with extinction as a result of the fur trade.

How Are They Endangered ?

In the 60’s, cheetah pelts were imported into the U.S. and considered fashionable and a sign of wealth. The rising trade in cheetahs for luxury pets in the Middle East is helping to drive critical populations of the wild cats to extinction.

Leading Importers Of Pelts


Species Threats

Illegal Wildlife Trade, Trophy Hunting, Human-Cheetah Conflict, Habitat Loss

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1900’s 100’000 – 2010’s 10’000

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